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Article Submissions

Transformation Magazine is by the community, for the community, and we encourage community members and service providers alike to get involved by submitting articles for publication! Depending on the topic you select for your article, we may choose to use your article as a Special Feature or it may be used for one of the departments listed below:

  • Transformational Stories – provides individuals an opportunity to inspire others by telling their personal story of transformation, spiritual evolution, growth, or overcoming obstacles
  • Relationships – focuses on the importance of all of our reltaionships, with our loved ones, our romantic partners, our communities, and ourselves
  • Healthy Living – highlights alternative health therapies and solutions as well as information about nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • Inspiration - focuses on empowering ideas and motivational steps to transformation
  • Spirituality - provides insights, practices, and inspiration for spiritual development and personal growth
  • Tools & Tips – focuses on topics such as law of attraction, affirmations, positive thinking, gratitude, NLP, meridian tapping, meditation. food for thought, etc


Digital Submissions Guidelines:

Article Length: 500 to 1,100 words
Please submit biography (approximately 100 words) at the end

How to Submit an Article

Log in to your account and go to the "manage content" page. On the left under "Sponsor Options", find and click "Articles" and click "Add". Fill out the form and submit your article. 

All articles will be reviewed and considered for publication in both the print (Transformation Magazine) and online (eTransformationGuide) editions. Due to the volume of articles submitted, we use strick selection criteria and we cannot guarantee your article will be published online or in printIf your article is selected, you will receive communication from the editor. You retain all rights to your article, however Transformation Magazine reserves the right to edit your submission and use in any Transformation platform indefinitely.