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Scanning Energy Field or Auras

AURA OR ENERGY FIELD SCANNING is simply an extension of working with energy sensing. It is a fairly simple technique to learn as well as one of the most versatile and useful of intuitive skills.

Toxins: The Hidden Threat To Your Health

Holistic doctor explains how toxins are the root cause of many of our illnesses and highlights 10 common sources of toxins in our daily lives!

Scary! Are Toxins Destroying Your Health

Do ghosts scare you? What about toxins? Find out the scary truth about this "invisible" threat all around us.

2 Health-Transforming Reasons To Eat Super Greens

Have you been getting your super greens? Find out why these tiny but powerful greens are so good for you.

Renew Your Body And Stay Young With These 3 Diet Tips

Looking for a smart way to stay young in looks and feel young, too? Check out this doctor's advice on how you can use food strategically to help your body's natural ability to renew itself.

Natural Healing With Needles

Tired of side effects, drugs and doctors? Find out more about acupuncture, a proven, safe and painless form of alternative medicine.

4 Times You Need To Rest In Order To Get Fit

Many people forget this essential ingredient to fitness. If you use it right, it can make all the difference in how much muscle you build, how much fat you burn and even how healthy you are overall!

The Perfect Day For Seeking Work-Life Balance

The equinoxes are very special days of the year. Find out why they're the perfect day for seeking work-life balance.

Nature’s Best Form Of Stress Relief – And How It Can Save Your Life

You may think of stress as simply an annoyance. Find out why it's a more serious health concern . . . and what you can do about it.

How A Power Lunch Can Power You Up!

Do you skip lunch or grab an unsatisfying sandwich on the run? Find out why lunch is the most important meal you eat all day!